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New for 2021: Spicer Dana Slip Yoke

  • Thursday, 13 May 2021
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New for 2021: Spicer Dana Slip Yoke

The Spicer Dana Slip Yoke is a new design in Dana distributor parts. This model offers the most cost effective and easiest to install Dana Drive Train Components on any make and model of vehicles. This transmission component comes complete with everything you need to replace or repair your existing slow-changing or dead idle motor. It is a factory made, fully certified and backed by a 3-year limited lifetime warranty.

The Spicer Dana Slip Yoke comes complete with mounting hardware, wiring loom, wiring harness and terminal screws. It is also designed with an easy to read torque converter that gives your vehicle's accurate power adjustments without the hassle of having to purchase new parts. This is a proven and guaranteed solution for any slow-changing or dead idle motor. It is available in many different configurations of both front and rear transmissions for most makes and models of vehicles. This is one of the few manufacturers in the business with a full line of high performance and efficient motors and shafts for your vehicle.

The Spicer Dana Slip Yoke is a proven and reliable replacement to the older and traditional Slab Joints for all types of vehicles. Whether you are shopping for a replacement for a driveline transmission or a conventional front and rear end, this will fit into almost any configuration. These are made with a heavy duty, durable and fully adjustable slabs made of ceramic. They come standard with a 5 speed automatic transmission in either 4-wheel drive or 2-wheel drive.

The Spicer Dana Slip Yoke is designed to fit the torque converter stalk, which can be removed and changed when desired. It has been designed with a tapered, fully adjustable steel shaft with cross driveline components for and original direct shipment torque and horsepower figures. It has a front axle with aluminum bushings and aluminum crankshaft to increase horsepower. It is equipped with a high performance racing clutch.

This new driveline design utilizes a high-tech mono block technology that utilizes two pinion springs to provide the maximum amount of stiffness while providing supreme chassis support. This provides the advantage of having a very crisp transition from top to bottom with minimal break during the most extreme conditions. The vehicle's new suspension geometry also offers an optimized floor loading to reduce ground effect vibration and noise. The vehicle's new dual-axis strut system helps improve vehicle stability in all road and weather conditions.

The new Dana Slipper Dana Drive CV is equipped with front strut bars and dual-knuckle brakes with TRD and assisted by TRD for both the front and rear suspensions. The new for 2021 restraints have been designed to improve vehicle stability in all driving environments. They include TRD strut bars, TRD front control arms, TRD rear control arms, front strut bar bearings, and new strut pads. The new shock system uses two shocks per wheel and is tuned to offer high levels of precision. The new Yoke control arm system helps maintain a neutral lift while improving control through the lower body. The engine is also equipped with new engine parts and performance packages such as intakes, exhaust systems, fuel injectors, burners, catalytic converters, and EGR system.

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