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Drive Shaft With Slip Yoke - Installation

  • Monday, 17 May 2021
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Drive Shaft With Slip Yoke - Installation

Drive shafts are an integral part of a motorbike engine. Motorbikes have different drive shafts that are specified for the make and model of the bike. Each drive shaft is fitted with a certain number of teeth. The number of these teeth determines the torque of the shaft. To know about the function and working of a drive shaft, it is essential to know how to identify it and how to care for it.

Slip yokes are one of the components of the drive shaft that are used to connect the clutch to the shaft. A slip yoke is also known as a lazy boy or a floating yoke. The slip yokes are available in different designs such as full slips, parallel slides, dovetail slides and some are equipped with electronic signals that provide signals when it is pressed or released.

Some modern motorbike drive shafts feature electronic signals that activate when the clutch is released. This allows the rider to easily change gears without having to take his hands off the controls. However, these types of yokes tend to be quite expensive because they can only be fitted to high performance bikes.

There is another type of yoke that is also fitted to the shaft when it is changed. The ratchet chain is attached to the drive shaft by two different links. The two links either side of the yoke engage with ratchets that are attached on the drive axle. Once the axle is released, the links engage with one another and the chain tightens on the drive axle.

Another drive shaft with slip yoke that is commonly used in Australia is the full locknut. This type of yoke allows the drive shaft to lock into place. When this occurs, the gears in the bike move into a gearslot. This type of yoke is suitable for higher speed motorbikes such as those manufactured by Harley Davidson.

Most slip yokes are made from steel. However, there are some that are made from alloy steel and chrome. These types of yokes tend to be heavier than the other types of drive shafts.

This type of yoke is often seen on three wheeler bikes. This is because they are easier to lock. There are a variety of different styles of this yoke available. Most are equipped with ratchet systems to help prevent shifting back into neutral. This helps the rider maintain high speeds during rides.

This type of yoke can be purchased online or at motorcycle stores. This is a very simple system to install. It is more suited to motorcycles rather than cars because of its simplicity. It is also less expensive than its two-wheeler counterpart. The drive shaft with slip yoke assembly needs to be removed from the bike. This is done by loosening all of the nuts on the yoke then pulling it off.

The yoke then needs to be installed into the space provided by the removed drive shaft assembly. It will need to be placed in reverse order to allow it to face out. Once installed, tighten all of the screws to secure it. The slip yoke is now ready for use.

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